Ipoh City Council or MBI is located at Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, Greentown, Ipoh, Perak. The objectives of the Ipoh City Council is to produce a better quality of life and balanced growth and raise living standards for all residents within the Council area by providing facilities and services as the basis for achieving better quality of life and improve the standard of living in the area of the Council, to streamline and improve the quality of service and development planning in all areas, to encourage and provide facilities, recreation and public recreation and beautification of the Ipoh City in accordance with its status as the capital of Perak and central administration as well as promote the industry and administration, promote the growth of trade and industry and to strive for objectives and aspirations of the government including the National Development policy.
Ipoh City Council's mission is "Building a city that is conducive for economic development, socio-culture and human capital development" and the vision is "Building an excellent city identity based on sustainable economic development, dynamic socio-cultural environment and a good quality of life for the city community". Organization chart of the Ipoh City Council consist of the Mayor post (Dato Hj Roshidi Hj. Hashim)” which assisted by City Secretary (Dato’ Abdul Rahim Mohd Ariff), “Deputy Secretary of the Operations City (Ir. Haji Badrul Hisham bin Kamaruddin)”, “Deputy Secretary of the Technical City (Tn. Haji Azizuddin bin Haji Alias)”, “City Auditor (Tn. H.J Ahmad Kamil Yang Ghazali)”, “City Legal Officer (En. Shahrul Azrin)”, “Corporate Director City (Tn. Hj. Musa Dun)”, “OSC Unit (En.Wong Kam Lee)” dan “COB Unit (En. Abdul Manaf Abu Bakar)”, “City Public Relations Officer (Pn. Normala binti Latif)”, “Deputy Director of Health City (En. Mohd Alias bin Kamaruddin)”, “Deputy Director of the City Landscape (En.Meor Abdullah Zaidi bin Meor Razali)”, “City Finance Director (En.Mohd Syazlan bin Isa Suffian)”, “City Planning Director (En. Zulqarnain bin Mohamad)”, “City Engineering Director (Pn. Zuraina binti Kamarul Ariff)”, “City Director of Licensing & Enforcement (En. Abdul Halim bin Saad)”, “City Director of Licensing & Enforcement (En. Abdul Halim bin Saad)”, “Director of Evaluation & Management of Property City (En. Ahmad Suhaimi bin Manap)”, “City Director of Community Affairs (En.Zulkifle bin Jaafar Sidek)”, and “City Building Director (En.Mohamad Azman bin Mat Ariff)”.
Ipoh City Council is a special administrative institution for the type of services contributed by the Ipoh City Council is varied. Among the privileges of the Ipoh City Council is that it provides services directly to customers and Internet services. Customers will be able to receive quality service directly from the worker at the Ipoh City Council building. This direct service is moving systematically. There are a variety of departments at the Ipoh City Council. Among them are the Department of Buildings, Department of Community Affairs, Department of Engineering, Department of Health, Department of Finance, Department of Landscape and Recreation, Department of Valuation and Property Management, Organization Development and Administration Department, Planning Department Audit Office, the Office of Public Affairs, Office of Legal Division of Licensing and Enforcement Division. Thus, all things can be dealt with more quickly and thoroughly. The Internet services provided by the Ipoh City Council are E-Services and E-Community. E-Services provide services such as e-complaints, MBI GIS, Tender and Quotation, e-Form, Revised OSC, my ID, My Pay and MySMS. For example, the e-Complaint is a service which allows customers to make complaints through the Internet and e-Form is the customer can download the form from the City Council web portal. E-Community will provide the information library, community halls, town halls, flats, car parks, sports and recreation, the counters through the Internet.
As the local administrative institutions, the Ipoh City Council has achieved significant progress and awards. Among the progress achieved by the Ipoh City Council was MAMPU Innovation Award in 1991 involving Traffic Division, Department of King won first place in the award. In addition to this award, the Ipoh City Council has also won first place in a number of quality awards. Among them are, Competition Clean City Area Drainage System and the Nationwide Council in 1994 and 1994 involving the Urban Services Division and the Department of Health, State Level QCC Convention Year 1997 Public Sector in 1997 involving the Parking Division, Department of Finance, Awards Public Service Innovation Perak State Level, and more. Awards made by the Ipoh City Council cannot be denied that the Ipoh City Council has made good progress. Not forgetting that there are departments in the MBI, which has donated labor and sweat in the development of the Ipoh City Council. In addition, the award made by the Ipoh City Council can be decribed that the Ipoh City Council has made progress in various sectors such as services, finance, tourism, welfare and so on. The progress made by the Ipoh City Council is a good sign that MBI will now be well-developed yet.
There are a variety of challenges faced by the Ipoh City Council. Among the challenges he faces is the task of repairing the damaged roads. This is a challenge to overcome them from time to time because of damage to roads are now happening. They need to repair roads and had to accept criticism and complaints of customers who face problems. In addition, repair of the road is not easy as people think. Planning and action without burdening the residents is an important aspect of this work. In addition, complaints from customers and the demand causes the workers who work in the service sector, customers will be challenged. They had to face this situation every day. However, the attitude of wisdom and efficiency of the workers at the Ipoh City Council would be overcome with good and beneficial to both parties. The next challenge faced by the Ipoh City Council is the fall of large trees around the side of the road. They need to ensure the safety of road users in advance that no one was injured in the accident. Next, they will arrange the tree into the car with big truck so as not to interfere with space on the road. Damage to lamp posts are also among the challenges faced by the Ipoh City Council. Damage to lamp posts would endanger motorists on the road and most likely an accident. This is due to the darkness along the road. This situation will cause the driver to drive in difficult road conditions too dark and there was an accident if not careful. 

Sources of money income Ipoh City Council is the collection of income tax assessment. From there, the Ipoh City Council will use the as their financial resources. Sale of parking coupons is their financial source. The drivers have to buy the coupons if they want to park their cars in a place for parking. If they do not use coupons, then, the suit will be shot. Site Rental is also the source of their finances. Among them is the rental shop, shop houses, offices in the plaza, and a host of other rental places and public toilets. All proceeds will be letting their financial resources. Payment of certain bills to the Council of Ipoh is also one of their financial sources.


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Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil,
Greentown 30450,
Ipoh Perak
Tel : 05-2083333
Fax: 05-253 7396 / 05-208 3530
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