“Bunga Kertas” or “Bunga Bulang” is the common Malay names for Bougainvillea Flowers. Bougainvillea is declared as the flower of the city since the status upgrading of Ipoh in 1988. The local authorities started to plant more bougainvillea flowers in landscaping along the streets, gardens & recreation parks. The name is taken from the French seaman, A de Bougainvillea who discovered the plant in Rio de Janeiro in the 17th century. The plant was then brought to Europe in the 1780’s and blossom for the first time in Paris in 1830, and then in England ten years later. "B.Spectabilis" and "B.Glabra" were amongst the earlier species that were planted. Later, the hybrids were cultivated from these two species. "B. Glabra Var Mrs.Butt" species arrived in this country in 1923 followed by “Mrs. Mclean” ten years later. Bougainvillea flowers became popular and are planted in the parks and gardens. There are approximately 100-120 Bougainvillea hybrids in Malaysia.

Amongst the popular hybrids are:

B. Glabra Var
Mrs. Eva
B. Farmosa
Crystal White
Bougainvillea Poultinii
Mary Palmer
Singapore Beauty


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