The view on the environment of Ipoh Railway Station

The original home of the Ipoh Club, shown above, which used to stand at junction of Club Road and Hugh Low Street.

This is the Perak Sports Stadium, built on 80 acres near Kampung Simee.

Pemandangan Bandaraya ipoh sekitar tahun  1970an
Aerial view of the town of Ipoh shows the town padang, with the broad length of Brewster Road running up to it. In the bottom right hand corner, the Supreme Court. Next to it, the town council offices. Bottom left : Ipoh's town library. 

St. John's Ambulance Hall.located in Jalan Raja Musa Aziz.

These are the modern offices of Ipoh Municipality.

Fire Brigade Department located in Jalan Sultan Idris Shah

The Supreme Court in Ipoh, facing the railway station, was built nearly ten years later than the station in 1928.

Geological Survey Department was started when J.B. Scrivenor arrived in September 1903 to commence geological work in Malaya.

The Ipoh Railway Station

Shophouse architecture in Ipoh contrasts withmodern houses of the Canning Garden housing estate just off Tambun Road.

Aerial view, looking over the railway station, shows the Town Hall, Supreme Court and Ipoh Padang : oldest part of town.

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