1. Responsible to the Perak State Government and the administration and functioning of the Ipoh City Council.
  2. Preside over meetings of the Standing Committee, Executive, Advisory, Ad Hoc and other committee established by Council for the purpose of making decisions, policies, orders and by-laws of the Council.

    Standing Committee

    • Appointment of Committee Members
    • The Promotion Committee
    • The Disciplinary Board
    • Human Resources Management Panel (PPSM)

    Executive Committee

    • The Tender Committee
    • The Quotation
    • Local Approvals Committee (OSC)
    • The Assessment Letter

    Advisory Committee

    • Purpose-The purpose of the Advisory Committee General
    • Advisory Committee on Naming Streets & Traffic
    • Finance Advisory Committee
    • Advisory Committee on Licensing, Advertising, Small & Enforcement Hawker
    • Advisory Committee on Real Estate Development & Privatization
    •  Library Advisory Committee
    • Advisory Committee on Social & Education
    • Advisory Committee on Beautification & Clean

    Ad Hoc Committee

    • The Management Committee of the Council
  3. Approve the development plans in accordance with the powers conferred by the Council. The plans, including plans P.U. (Fate of Survey), layout plan, land consolidation and land distribution.
  4. Monitor and control the proceedings and the decisions of the Council in line with State Government policies / Federal.
  5. Exercise all the powers of the Commissioner as set forth in the Local Government Act 1976 and other Acts related and all Council By-Laws approved by the State.
  6. Approve Certificate of Fitness (CF) for the perfect building constructed in accordance with Act 133 upon recommendation by the Architect and City Engineer and Temporary Certificate of Fitness after recommendation by the same officers.
  7. Present in the meetings of the State Government, including:
    • State Action Council (MTNg)
    • Meetings of State Action Working Committee (JKTNg)
    • The State Planning Committee Meeting
    • Meetings of State Secretary of the District Officers / Local Authority
    • Meeting of Ng Increasing Efficiency in the Public Service
    • Meetings of J / K Pursuant to Improve Efficiency of State Civil Service
    • of the Perak State Legislative Assembly
    • Meetings of J / K Relationship Between the Department / State Agencies, Federal and local authorities
    • The meeting of the Perak State Economic Action Council
    • Monthly Assembly Executive Talk Perak State Secretary Office
    • Executive Board Meeting Silver Investiment Management Centre (PIMC)
    • eetings J / K Bumipitera Entrepreneur Investment Penyelasaran Centre (COI Entrepreneurs)
    • Silver Meyuarat ICT Advisory Panel.
  8. Provide a certificate of support / not support the application for entertainment licenses (including the fun-fair, a video arcade, etc.) issued by the Manila Regional Office under the 1936 Act. Entertainment Under the 1977 Act, the Commissioner will be appointed to the Licensing Officer who will issue as well as Entertainment Licence Premises Licence.
  9. Welcomed and held discussions with members of the business / private sector.
  10. Welcomed and discussed with members of the group from the Twin City Fukuoka, Japan and cities of other friendships.
  11. Welcomed and held discussions with politicians, members of the Council, citizens MBI, the public, associations / organizations, agencies / other government departments.
  12. To conduct visits to places of problematic and require attention in the Ipoh City and for the purpose of development efforts.
  13. Discussions and led the monthly gathering of officers / members of the MBI.
  14. Attend the study visits, courses, training, seminars, conventions related.
  15. Attending meetings at the State and Federal Government.
  16. Held discussions with Y.A.B. Chief Minister and Y.B. State Secretary from time to time.
  17. Complete papers of the Executive Council.
  18. Providing news / information to local newspapers and TV and hold a press conference.
  19. Provide information to the State Government / Ministry / Departments / Agencies from time to time.
  20. Answering questions from the Audit, the Public Complaints Bureau, the Anti-Corruption Agency, State Assembly and State Accounts Committee.
  21. Leading the backlog reduction efforts yield and quality services to customers and taxpayers.
  22. Present in the official ceremonies, including religious events, celebrations of independence, the Sultan's birthday anniversary, the State Legislative Assembly, the Palace and certain events.
  23. Opening or present in the community, particularly in areas such as the Ipoh City including:
    • Commission Meeting;
    • The events mosque / prayer;
    • Charities / voluntary;
    • associations such as Rotary Club, Lions Club and others;
    • of the Village Development and Security;
    • the institution;
    • Buildings business.
  24. Examining the letters addressed to the Commissioner and issue directives / decisions and minutes of meetings of the Council before the signing.
  25. Entering into contractual agreements MBI with a City Council Member and Secretary
  26. Other duties as directed by Y.A.B. Chief Minister and Y.B. State Secretary from time to time.


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